CHOOSE your thoughts wisely. BE the change.

CHOOSE your thoughts wisely. BE the change.

True story.

I used to let my thoughts control me.
If I thought I was mad, I became mad (and in some cases, madder- feeding negative energy into the thought) and I found myself holding on to those thoughts, prolonging my negativity.

Just as much as you can use your thoughts against you (beating yourself up for thinking or feeling a certain way), you can use your thoughts to empower you, by realizing you are CHOOSING the way you think. The beauty in this is that once you realize you are in control of how you feel, you become your most powerful tool. You need nothing to achieve this, it is already inside of you. Listen closely. Do you hear it? At the very core of who we all are, we are happy, loving creatures.

I know, I know, you’re wondering, “What happens when I am having a bad day and I can’t control what is going on because my boss is riding my case?!”  WELL, you CAN decide for yourself if you want to allow an outside force to affect YOU.
How do you do this? Simply by CHOOSING not to allow it to affect you, by taking a step back from the thought you feel is overwhelming you and do something you know will improve your mood, like going for a 5 minute walk outside and clearing your head or simply sitting at your desk and smiling (even if you have to force it) until it helps you release the tension and the unhappy thoughts simply drop from your center of focus.

Sounds crazy, right? Like, wait. Am I suggesting that being happy is as easy as CHOOSING to be happy? Um, yes, yes I am. It really is that simple. Think for a second on how you are feeling right this minute…Are you anything other than HAPPY? Okay, why? “Because your boss is an asshole.” Send the thoughts light and love, then drop it.

I found that when I started asking myself these questions, in situations that arose on a daily basis, I became aware that I could instantly DECIDE to be happy, and I started to transform my life. I became happy. Doors starting opening. Positive things started coming into my life in ABUNDANCE. By changing the way I thought, I learned I had the power to change the direction and meaning of my life!

Everyone is capable of happiness, if we merely allow ourselves to manifest and cultivate the happiness inside of us all. It’s there, go get it!


“The mind is everything, What you think about you become.” – Buddha


2 thoughts on “CHOOSE your thoughts wisely. BE the change.

  1. Aaron says:

    Yes! Our thoughts are so powerful. Having awareness around them is key to changing them. Great post, thanks!

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