Aspirations to …

Aspirations to pursue. achieve. grow. Learn. Learn to love yourself the most. Love others. Love everyday-be present in every moment.

Cherish laughter and glow in the sunshine. Explore everything possible. Investigate yourself and who you are. Let go of everything you have been holding on to.

Allow life to come and go around you while cherishing every moment. Love all fearlessly. Give your light to those in need. Help someone. Give someone love.

Take risks; professionally, personally, romantically; authentically and fail over and over. Learn from everything, from every moment, notice the change in your eyes and how you reflect that in your heart.

Capture the colors and beauty of everyday life. Continue to see the world as though it were a painting- fleeting moments of time- captured with vibrant colors and brushstrokes. Be courageous. Volunteer. Cry and laugh as much as possible, smile every day.”


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