Drop it like it’s hot

Snatch wasn’t happening, Jerk was poppin, but I figured it was time to drop some squats on y’all.

Monday’s training

Snatch warmups
Pwr snatch + Overhead squat + Snatch x 5

Push press + Jerk behind neck + Jerk x 5

Jerk dip squat (just the beesknees) 5 x 3

Backsquats at 85% 4×4

Ya that’s a hot 70kg, which WAS my 1 R max front squat at the beginning of this 10 week volume and intensity squatting cycle.

Basically, my wine hangover made my lifts rough today, but dropping that shit LIKE A BOSS made up for it.

Whatever you do in the gym today, do it like the fucking boss you know you are.

You only die once, but we have every day to live.


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