Day (483) – White Hot and Passionate

I love this.

Time itself is SO short. Whatever you do, whatever you love, do it with all your heart. Leap and fall often. Push yourself further today than you were capable of yesterday. Immerse yourself in your passions until they wear on you, for is living a life without PASSION living at all?

Do the things that challenge you. Take chances. BIG ones. Sometimes we succeed while others we won’t. The result is not always what is important, it is what we learn about ourselves in the process that is worthwhile.
And if we have some great experiences and become badasses in the process, there really is nothing to lose.

The Better Man Project ™


As time has gone on it has become much more clear.

Time itself is so short.

One minute you are there and the next minute you aren’t.

The “moment” that is.

The sweet spot.

The  zone.

It makes me think about the time that I have spent here

and the time that I want to spend.

Who I want to spend it with.

Where I want to spend it.

How I…

White hot and passionate.


There are other ways to do things.

But you just become another floorboard.

Nothing special about you.

Of course you could be made out of beautiful wood

but with all the others

you are the same.

That’s the last thing I want to be.

The same.

I chose to live my life a different way with different standards

and the yields at times have been difficult.

But in actuality it all has trained me…

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