Schoolin’ life

Deloading in anticipation of maxing squats in about 2 ish week. Kinda nice, lifting light and letting it POP.


Clean warmups

Clean+Front squat+Clean+Jerk x 4

hang snatch hi-pull 3×4

Front Squat @ 84% 2 x 3

Complex barbell work was 10%lighter than last week, and then still a bit lighter than it ‘should’ have been according to the catalyst programming. But, I also shouldn’t be doing a volume/intensity squatting program on top of my heavy daily lifting.

Oh well. Work hard play hard, right?

Go lift some weights. Repeat.

**I promised team videos, and they be coming. I’ve been lifting at odd hours due to grad school crap/work. Patience, young grasshoppa


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