To love being alone

This is SO awesome.

Last Friday a guy tried making plans with me. I was pleasantly touched by his offer, but told him I already had plans to go to the movies and grab a drink. With myself.

I’m a social butterfly in most situations, but I have been working on the most important relationship I have in my life, which is the one with myself.

Think about it, who are you going to be with FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Maybe your partner/lover/spouse,

but in the end.


The relationship you have with yourself is THE best relationship you can have in your life. When you yourself are a BOSS, your other personal relationships reflect that.

I AM having a PASSIONATE love affair with myself and THIS life.

Even Oscar Wilde has something to say about this,
“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”


9 thoughts on “To love being alone

  1. Prateeksha says:

    Each and every word of the say is right and we live it but never realize it. After reading this post I have come to a conclusion that I should start loving myself…..which I have never.

    • Sara Ann says:

      This is so incredible to hear! First, thank you for being so REAL, its beautiful.

      Second, I believe that in being aware of what you just said, you have already started loving yourself. In realizing that you need to love yourself, you are taking a step away from the mentality that you don’t love yourself, or that you can’t love yourself. Big step, sister!

      I am not sure I know how to explain it clearly, but all I can say is, the best love you can have in life is the love you have for yourself. It will never leave you for long (I always come back to myself, because, well, I’m fabulous, and so are you I bet).
      It will always be there to support you, to up lift you, to encourage you, all of it!!

      Go cultivate some more love for yourself! Do things that you love to do, make yourself a fantastic dinner and enjoy it all to yourself, take yourself on a walk, to a movie, whatever! There are so many great ideas in this video, just in case you run out and need something to try! Please let me know how it goes!

  2. davecenker says:

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing. It’s nearly impossible to be in a fulfilling and meaningful relationship with someone else if you don’t have one with yourself first. I treasure my personal time and I thank you for helping to validate its necessity 😉

    • Sara Ann says:

      Well thanks dave! I LOVE Sara time. I also seek a relationship in which I can be with someone and still be totally ‘alone’ or at least I THINK it could be something worth trying out.

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thought this video was PERFECT


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