5 steps to get you listening to your inner voice

Listen to that inner voice! It will direct you on your divine path in life.

What is your inner voice saying to you day today? right now? Can you clear away all the distractions and make any of YOUR real thoughts out?

It is only when we truly listen to the divine voice from within (soul, intuition, whatever you call it) do we align ourselves with the UNI-verse and propel ourselves forward in our lives.

When we start acknowledging and listening to what we KNOW and feel is our purpose in life, our EXTERIOR begins to reflect that, authentically. Doors start opening, opportunities you have DECLARED, begin to come your way.

How do you navigate finding out what is TRULY inside you when there is so much LOUDNESS in our lives, and sometimes in our heads?

I received some INCREDIBLE advice on how to STOP your chitter chatter when it becomes absolutely overwhelming in your head.

1-Imagine you are standing in front of your self.

You are watching yourself flutter, and flip, and ramble through your thoughts. “My ex did this, I feel this, I want that, I …on and on.”

Until you can’t see straight anymore.

2-Now, imagine you are standing in front of yourself (yes, like, there are two of you and you are staring at your awesome self)

3-Look at yourself and say
Hush.Stop thinking.


4-Take several DEEP breaths, inhaling for 7 seconds, and then exhaling for 8.

5-Bring your awareness back to your body, focus on the breath that is moving life to every corner of your body, visualize this breath washing away the pile of thoughts you carry around on every exhalation.

Now, take a listen to what is left in your head. There shouldn’t be much. Maybe you have been struggling to make a decision about a career shift, or maybe you have been talking yourself in and out of joining a gym. Whatever it is, if you allow yourself to TRULY tap into the DIVINE voice within, you UNLOCK the answers to ALL. Yes, WE all possess this power.

Practice this often in order to REALLY develop this skill. This is work, but you can never BE THE BOSS in your life without DOING THE WORK!

Use these tools in confronting yourself. Use these tools when you find yourself UNABLE to LISTEN to what is really going on INSIDE of you.

Check this out for all things awesome



5 thoughts on “5 steps to get you listening to your inner voice

  1. davecenker says:

    Great video and great thoughts. It’s SO important to quiet the monkey voice and find your true inner self. Sounds corny and weird, but once you find it, you realize it isn’t corny anymore … it’s awesome 😉

    • Sara Ann says:

      Thank you!

      Dave you are so right. Although I know how to quiet my chitter chatter, sometimes it literally gets overwhelmingly loud. (I am in the process of growing out of this phase still).

      A good friend of mine gave me a few of these tips, while the others are some aspects of my yoga practice which really help me drop off the noise of the world and RECONNECT with my divine voice.
      I am SO excited for the time when my inner voice is LOUD AND CLEAR all the time. Do you experience this??! If so, please share:)

      • davecenker says:

        I have never tried any formal yoga practice, but I am intrigued. I need to try it. I have gotten myself into a practice where I walk every weekday (weather permitting). It is on these walks when my inner voice decides to make itself known. And it is so awesomely cool 😉 When it communicates to me in that unspoken voice, a smile just spreads across my face and it’s like yeah, now this is what life is about, becoming one with everything 🙂

      • Sara Ann says:

        Very awesome. I experience the same on my walks, because I believe we reconnect with our authentic self through nature. Because, well, it is where man originated from and being in it, resonates deep within us.

        Yoga has changed my life. I thought I was dialed in before I started practicing, but I was wrong. Now, I can be sitting at home stretching and I find myself naturally tapping into my yogi breathing, which stills me instantly. it reconnects me to every single area of my body, mind, and spirit.
        Its like meditation in motion. Getting ‘in the flow’ I call it.
        I would highly recommend yoga!

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