Day (486) – Always +1

Day (486) – Always +1.

ALways upping the ante!

Push YOURself in the gym.

If you are pushing yourself in the gym, you are pushing yourself at work, at school. CARRY the momentum of BEING YOUR bestself with you throughout your day IN ALL aspects of your life.



3 thoughts on “Day (486) – Always +1

  1. davecenker says:

    Great insights! When you make a personal commitment to yourself and keep it (however small that commitment may be) you do begin to see other facets of your life improve in similar ways. Thanks for the awesome reminder!

    • Sara Ann says:

      I’m glad this came up in my feed!

      I found this useful for the areas in my life in which I’m reprogramming habits and thinking patterns.

      I see articles and information that all resonates differently. Glad I could share this!

    • Sara Ann says:

      To elaborate more, I believe that once you make a commitment to yourself, and you are following your DIVINE wisdom in making that choice, you are not living up to your potential if we don’t follow through and in doing that, we throw ourselves off course with our divine purpose.

      I’m glad you commented on this, enabling me to think about the post further, and let it settle a bit deeper in my own psyche!

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