Banana-Chocolate Chip-blueberry muffins


This is a modified muffin recipe from an old friend. I think he said his mother used to “Throw things together in a bowl and these came out.” I’ve taken the ingredients and adjusted them in order to make, what I believe, are some damn HEALTHY, tasty muffins. Note: For added enjoyment, try warming them up for a few seconds. Aside from eating them fresh out of the oven, this is the next best way. 


Preheat oven 375—

In a large bowl, combine 1 cup Turbinado sugar (SUB: coconut sugar, maple syrup,etc), 1/2 tsp baking powder, dash of salt, 2 eggs, 5 tbsps Butter (room temp). Mix.

In another bowl, mash together4 ripe bananas, alternate mixing in 1 Cup almond Flour, 2 Cups Oat BranDon’t over mix, but ensure it is mixed well.

Once these ingredients are mixed well in their separate bowls, combine the two, ensuring even mixing. Lastly, add in 1 cup  chocolate chips (SUB: Butterscotch or white chocolate chips), and 1 cup (mix to taste) Fresh blueberries

Spoon into muffin cooking sheet and bake on the bottom or middle rack of the oven for  20-22 minutes. They will be slightly golden around the edges and moist on the inside, just how a good muffin should be. 

Listening to

Lorde “Love Club”


Lindenman’s 2012 Shiraz

*Disclaimer: Although I am very fond of the person I got this recipe from, a bad idea was baking these muffins, drinking my Shiraz, and texting the person to talk about my muffins. Old. HABITS. Die. Hard. xo

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