The monks are in town

I am a wondrous miracle of life. And so are you.

How is your mediation challenge going?

For me, I have fallen deep into myself. Deeper than I have been in many years.
.. since I started my post primary school education. Formal education, as blessed as I am to have the privilege to study, has allowed me to drift away a bit from myself. This happens in people’s busy demanding careers as well.

Before returning to my studies and work in a short time from now, my exploration of the self continues.

My spiritual journey led me today to the monks (purely unplanned, last minute, “hey the monk’s are here and you have 20 minutes before they start meditation”). I have meditated with them on and off for years when they visit a Buddhist center here. They come to raise money for their home monastery. The plight of many Tibetan monks is often one of hardship for many were forced from their homes in Tibet by the Chinese many years ago. Just like the Dali lama, Tibetan monks are exiled from their homelands because of their religious beliefs which they refuse to renounce. So until the time comes when they can live in peace in Tibet, they reside in southeastern India. But for this week they are here in my city, giving their energy, love, wisdom, and blessings to those who are open to receiving such blessings.

I am truly blessed. Namaste


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