Training Day. Stone & Barbell weightlifting

Really great training day at Stone and Barbell Saturday. Throwing weights around with some of your friends is such a great experience. Blessed. The guys threw down some serious weight and I had a nice little milestone of a lifetime PR clean & jerk at 58 kilos.

Such a great group in there this morning, really thankful I am part of this awesome community.

2013 USAW 2nd place national champion in the men’s 105 k class, Salvatore Badali come down to throw some weights around. Fucking good stuff.


3 thoughts on “Training Day. Stone & Barbell weightlifting

  1. Johno says:

    Man, good job you ‘got up’. Enthusiastic cheerleader is very enthusiastic.
    Thanks for the Versatile Blogger nomination Sara. Crazy busy sorting the start of my MSc in a few weeks. Will definitely get around to a proper posting soon. Great lifting as ever. Nice PR

    • Sara Ann says:

      Thanks johno! Ya coach Greeno gets super excited sometimes but I welcome the love and support and on this day in particular, it was flowing. Looking forward to some new posts! Take it easy

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