Chicken and Shrimp GUMBO

Hello my loves. I feel like it has been TOO long since I’ve connected with my DIVINE friends on the blogsphere. I have been busy living, and doing a bit of impromptu travel, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Or at least until I write a blog about it, which I will soon.

I came home from Vegas delirious from lack of sleep and HIGH from excessive stimulation, so Sunday afternoon called for ADHOC CROCKPOT cooking. This is a GREAT dish that is easy to put together and works well for dishing out into containers to carry you through meal time during your week, or serve it all up for one great shared meal.


Take 2 pounds Chicken Breast, 1 bag of medium sized shrimp(shell removed, medium sized shrimplets, frozen), I can diced tomatoes, I can Garbonzo Beans, I can Black Beans, I can sweet corn, 10 turns Smoked African Spices (Trader Joes brand), 5 shakes of Red Cayenne pepper, approx. 1 tbs Cilantro.

**The smoked African herbs, cilantro, and Cayenne were added literally with no thought in mind, so you may want to play with this a bit for your personal tastes. This came out with a mild kick, but a palpable kick, so you may want it stronger, or more milder. Just go with it.

Cook in a slow-cooker on HIGH for 4-5 hours, on MEDIUM 5-7

This made 6 individual servings for me-One large chicken breast per container and lots of shrimp and beans and fixings. Depending on what types of ingredients you use, each serving is approx. 430 calories and a whopping 40-50 grams of protein.

Prep Time- 10 minutes

Cook Time- 4-8 hours

Enjoyment time- All day, everyday.



6 thoughts on “Chicken and Shrimp GUMBO

  1. davecenker says:

    Happy to see you back in the mix 🙂 Looks like an awesome recipe although I am not a cilantro fan. I’d probably halve the cilantro and double the pepper and I would be good to go. Thanks for sharing (and jealous of your impromptu travel) 😉

    • Sara Ann says:

      😊 Thank you. I think you can cut the cilantro and have no problems, and adding some pepper to kick it up is win-win. This turned out SO good. It was the first time I tried the Smoked African herb mix from Trader Joes, and I think I’ll use it for more dishes- NEW and exciting!

      Impromptu travel- DIVINE! It is INCREDIBLE what happens when you TRULY led with your soul.

      I hope your meditation is going wonderfully. It has been incredible to go through the daily meditations and witness how much they are aligning with my journey. So blessed! Much love!

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