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I wanted to share with you guys some of the tools I am carrying around in my Spirituality Backpack at the moment.

In living a live of presence, in conscious living, there are many things which I encounter that have the potential to trigger me, as I know the same happens to all of you. I have recently returned to a very demanding graduate program in which I am writing my thesis, and I’ve returned to my teaching responsibilities AND my curatorial duties in the gallery.

These ‘duties’ and responsibilities are my passions. I LOVE this life I have consciously created. But, along with that BLISS, comes prime ground for me to slip up. But this new academic year I have a backpack stacked with miraculous tools.

I know many of us are faced with daily situations that USED to cause us distress, and we are all now CONSCIOUSLY making the decisions to flow through these situations. Take for example the parking situation at my job/school. No matter what time of day you get there, there are no parking spots. I have to be to work in 5 minutes, yet will spend 20 minutes driving around waiting for a spot to open up. This used to set me over the edge. I mean, here I am AT work and unable to get INTO work to start my duties and ticking off my weekly GTA hours. This was the old, unaware thinking pattern.

Now, I patiently wait in my car, usually under a shade tree, and embrace the moments I have been given that morning to sit in my car before my working day can start. I remain full of love, gratitude, and compassion for all the people I see passing through the parking lot and then before I know it, a lovely person will move their car. And I give thanks and appreciation. This has now started to result in less time being spent waiting for a spot to open, and they are coming easier and easier. I remain fully grateful and appreciative and what do you know, the Uni-verse is receiving my gratitude and love, and putting me in the right spot and the right time to park effortlessly and with ease. THANK YOU! XO

This is just one example, this daily practice is SO simple, yet SO Huge in transforming the way I consciously live my life. Do you have these kinds of situations you encounter daily?

Each day I ‘carry’ (literally and metaphorically) these tools in my backpack. Most importantly though, I carry mindfulness practices and meditations to pull out of my spiritual backpack when I need to check myself.

My Spiritual Backpack

Audio CD of Deepak Chopra‘s The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

“Leisure” reading of someone else’s path Mary Paterson’s The Monks and Me. How 40 Days at Thich Nhat Hanh‘s French Monastery Guided Me Home. 

Gabrielle Bernstein‘s May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited Happiness

Thich Nhat Hanh The Miracle of Mindfulness: An introduction to the practice of Meditation

I also take ‘mental health breaks’ in the middle of my working days. It is time I have consciously scheduled into my day to retreat into a special room in our building to meditate or read.

Deepak Chopra and Oprah just concluded 21 Day meditation Challenge of Miraculous Relationships which is now available online for purchase. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this. It came to me divinely and during the 21 days, I witnessed (and am still witnessing) my relationships TRANSFORM, with my mother, my close friends, and my partner.




3 thoughts on “Spirituality Backpack

  1. davecenker says:

    Thank you for the virtual backpack of tools to remain present and grateful. I love your observation that there is a moment between stimulus and response where we have a choice how we respond. When we respond with patience, gratitude, and love, wonderful things begin to occur. Thanks for the awesome reminder 😉

    • Sara Ann says:

      Thank you Dave! For me, there’s are still things I am “working” on and my saying is “fake it till you make it.” Sometimes it doesn’t come naturally but I do it consciously until it does, all the time, everytime.

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