Miraculous Meditation

I want to share this inspirational meditation with you today. It is centered around the relationship one has with oneself. Our relationships with others and our ability to fully love others, is directly related to our relationship and ability to love ourselves. This is a zinger.

May you use this to start your day, ground yourself in the middle of your day, or to end your day (depending on where you are in the world 🙂 )

Get comfy. Relax. Breath in and out through your nose, bringing your awareness to the natural flow of your breath. Let these words ruminate over your body. Then sit in silence with it, letting it settle. If you find yourself becoming distracted by thoughts, or noises around you simply bring your attention back to your breath and allow your thoughts to simply pass over you.

Because one believes in oneself, one does not try to convince others.

Because one is content with oneself, one does not need others approval.

Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.

We expand and experience a sense of freedom in the moments that we open our hearts to ourselves.

Each time we give ourselves permission to accept who we are, in this very moment, with love and appreciation, the world around us, begins to transform.

Through the stillness of meditation, w begin to clear a path that allows us to connect to our essential truth.

In these quiet moments of clarity, we have the opportunity to choose how we relate to ourselves.

Do we choose to love, accept, and celebrate ourselves?

Self acceptance begins when we expand beyond our thoughts, and embrace ourselves knowing, that the glorys of creation are in our very cells.

That we are made of the same essence as the angels, the stars, and God himself.

From this place, we become one with our miraculous nature and celebrate the wonder of living life as our authentic selves.

As you prepare for your meditation, invite the daily practice of gentle acceptance of yourself.

Drink in these words:

Today, I choose to accept myself. I am grateful for this moment.

Take this affirmation with you today. By consciously accepting yourself and adding gratitude to your day, you will start to witness a shift in your perceptions of yourself, and thus the world around you. Aligning you with your authentic self, and transforming the relationships you have in your life.

May you all have a blessed day. Please check out Deepak Chopra’s Meditation’s for more.


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