A shift in perspective

A friend of mind posted a status on Facebook over the weekend that instantly sparked my heart and invited further contemplation over her thoughts. My friend was doing her volunteer gig when this event unfolded in front of her.

-“So I am at the play zoo this morning doing my volunteering thing, and this kid is going bananas misting the plants in the greenhouse. Like this is all that matters in life. Eyes darting around the huge, shiny leaves. Tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth in intense focus. His mom stoops down with her smart phone and tries to get his attention to take a picture. “Jared, Jared! Jared!” The kid finally turns and looks at her and says, “Momma, I’m doing DIS right now!”

Children are perfect Buddhists and we are constantly trying to ruin it for them.

Ah-HA. This is the perfect example of daily mindful living in which we can all be practicing.


Small things I encounter contribute to my overall constant shifting perspective in life. I believe these shifts to be miracles. As I pay more attention to my thoughts and my actions, I open myself up to receive more miracles. This reminds me of the noble eight fold path in Buddhism. I’m not trying to push any spiritual beliefs on you, but as we are all awakened individuals, we practice many of these things in our daily lives. But paying attention to the other areas of the eightfold path which we may not be too aware of, can only help us maintain our middle ground and evolve further.

Noble eight fold path

right view.

right intention.

right speech

right action

right livelihood

right effort

right mindfulness

right concentration

Think about these things for a minute. Is this not what we (I) strive for daily? Loving thoughts, loving intentions, loving speech towards myself and others, loving actions towards myself and others, etc. For me, it is not about a specific religion or spiritual belief, is it about loving, mindful living.

Maybe we practice these things already, maybe there are a few we are less familiar with. Maybe today, after this new perspective has been shed on this ancient religion, we can all adapt these principles into our lives to create better lives for ourselves, and one another. And that is all we are shooting for here on planet earth, in this MIRACULOUS life, isn’t it?

On another note, I have been giving my time here to an amazing foundation. As an art historian, I am able to donate my skill at cataloging insanely large collections of art, among other things. I’m getting their collection of art from the orphans which reside at the foundations orphanages around the world, ready to be sold. In digging through the stacks of art, I came across this little gem from a sweet girl in Kenya. I don’t know her story, but I know she is a young girl who has come to the orphanage for food, shelter, education, and art therapy. She will stay here until she is of age and able to attend university or vocational training on a scholarship funded through the foundation. This process is repeated to orphans at all the orphanages in hopes of giving them tools and empowering skills which they can take back into their communities and become empowered contributors. I am inspired by her miraculous, loving heart which she has transcribed visually in this painting. This girl, she knows what’s up.



5 thoughts on “A shift in perspective

  1. MRS N, the Author says:

    I LOVE this blog post and I love the quote, “Children are perfect Buddhists and we are constantly trying to ruin it for them.“ I think as adults, we could learn a lot from children. After all, we still have that fearless wonder about the world inside us.

    Thank you for the brilliant reminder and I will try to just be still and know. 🙂

    • Sara Ann says:

      Awesome. I love that quote as well. To me, it really sums it up in a way that can be so understandable to everyone. Children really are the perfect Buddhists. I am a firm believer and real life practitioner of living with the heart and eyes of a child; pure, blissful and eternally loving. Glad it resonated with you and I hope you can carry some of this with you throughout your day today, and then tomorrow, and then every day after that. Namaste

  2. davecenker says:

    Children certainly have a way of viewing the world in much simpler, yet much deeper perspective. It seems that the simpler we make our lives, the less clutter we have to cloud our perception of reality. Thank you for sharing these wonderful insights and stories. And it’s great to see you back in the blogosphere 😉

    • Sara Ann says:

      Hi Dave. You are certainly right. Children have such a special heart to them. I have been blessed with the continued presence of the eyes of a child. Seeing everything new and with pure love, it is a great approach to living, or so I believe. And yes, it’s great to be back. Grad school and work has been VERY demanding recently. I’ve loved your recent posts. Namaste, Sara

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