Find your purpose by following your passion(s)

Find your purpose by following your passion(s)

Wondering what the HELL you are going to do with your life? Or are you doing something (career, school, relationships, etc) which you just don’t feel is working for you? Are you finding that you drag yourself out of bed every morning instead of LEAPING up excited at another day of meaningful life adventure?

No matter what we choose to do with our lives, there will be times when shit sucks. But we can choose to view it as a small pothole on the VERY windy, adventurous road of life.

In case you are experiencing doubt about your current life and are toying with other options but can’t quite put your finger on anything concrete, I MAY have something to help you, just a bit.

Check out the link, and the infographics below!

Rock out!

Step One—> Honing yo purpose AKA Passions!


Step TWO- Map your passions out! Make it happen with this visual aid to GUIDE you to your passionate lifestyle AKA job/career/LIFE of your dreams


Are you living in your bliss?

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