Deepak and Oprah: Desire and Destiny: Day 2

Whoa. Deepak and Oprah are at it again. I don’t know about you, but I AM drinking up the journey I’ve embarked on, guided by the wisdom and insightful words of these two extremely present, aligned, loving people.

Who wants to talk about how awesome the meditation and words from Deepak and Oprah were today?

Deepak says

Sometimes it feels we are passengers along a ride in life, simply reacting to situations, unrecognizing that we are able to choose our actions in situations to further align ourselves with positive, everflowing abundance in our lives. 

Karma. Actions generate energy that are returned to us. What we give we receive. We are what we attract.

When we choose actions that are happy and bringing success to others, is that we bring it to ourselves. To use the law of Karma, we must be aware of the choices we make, in each moment. By being more present, we can make these decisions with a softer, clearer heart.

I have faith that I will make hard decisions with a soft heart. 

When making decisions, what is going to bring you happiness and fulfillment, because that is what you will be bringing other people in your life.

By shifting your cosmic presence, we welcome equanimity into our lives. When we live in this place, we are balanced and at peace, and able to focus on the WHOLE picture, instead of the comparing game. It is here, where we release and allow ourselves to absorb deep tranquility, and acceptance of the present moment. By cultivating it through your meditation practice, we wash away our trail of past choices, cleansing our karmic trail. Creating a new level in which we vibrate, and attracting more of that energy into our lives.

Releasing the past is essential to awakening to the present and creating the future we desire. Perhaps we have limiting beliefs keeping us from our true selves and passions?

It is the awareness that we are the master’s of our own destinies.

I AM a powerful creator

I AM my deepest desire

What are the things you are clearing away to make karmic room for equanimity and the building of your future? What ARE your deepest desires?


11 thoughts on “Deepak and Oprah: Desire and Destiny: Day 2

  1. suzjones says:

    I haven’t done Day 2 yet but will within the next 10 minutes. I do however wish to re-do Day 1. I had an epiphany about who I am and want to explore it further. 🙂

    • Sara Ann says:

      I find myself doing them over all the time, you should do it if you want! For example, I’ll do the meditation for the new day in the morning, and then if I’m feeling compelled, I’ll do the one from the previous day during my lunch hour or in the evening. . . Go get em!

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