Deepak and Oprah on Desire and Destiny: Day 14


Gratitude is my prayer. 

What are you thankful for?

My daily gratitude journal finds entries like this:

I am thankful for my heart that beats and keeps me alive. I am grateful for my healthy and active body, soul, and spirit. 

And range to things about my career, education, family, friends, house, material possessions, etc.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, people stop and give thanks, after all it is the theme of the holiday. What better time than now to call attention to the act of gratitude in daily living, regardless of holidays.

Deepak and Oprah guide us to giving thanks and living a life of gratitude daily.

On another note, Oprah has Super Soul Sunday; a show full of inspiring spiritual people, guidance, and living. A particularly AH-HA inspiring video with Dr. Brene Brown on cultivating gratitude and joy here.

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