Sunshine Award


I am so grateful to have been nominated for the Sunshine award from the lovely, inspiring, always uplifting blog of Mrs N, The Author. She is sharing her personal journey and inspiring everyone along the way, and I’m honored she nominated me for this.

This award makes me think of happiness, positivity, and spreading that vibrant, intoxicating energy everywhere I go. 🙂

Here is the obligatory spill for when receiving such awards…

– Every Thanksgiving, I watch Home Alone, the original. Religiously

– Sex and the City got me through most of the hardships of my early 20’s. Thanks gals. Tribes!

– I have dance parties. Often. Alone in my apartment. Often

– Every once in a while I’ll have nothing but wine for dinner…This is never the plan, it just happens

– I have a gratitude journal, and I visit it nightly

– J’ai parle le francais, et lire et ecrire trop!

– I love to learn

– I love to travel. Where should I go next month?! Someone spin a globe for me!

– Several of the articles from my blog were published on Elephant Journal last week, how cool is that?!

– I’m  reading Living your Yoga

– People call me Fun Sized, it’s true, I’m a small thang


My fellow bloggers often share their love, their energy and their light with me, and for that, thank you. I look forward to your weekly doses of insight and inspiration, and I’m deeply honored to be here with you all. There are so many great blogs I follow, and it’s impossible to choose, but for the sake of this post, here are a few…

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Endless light and Love




The Versatile Blogger Award!



What an lovely blessing I received today in the nomination of my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Being a part of this INCREDIBLE loving and supportive community is rewarding and I am honored to have been chosen.


I most gratefully accept The Versatile Blogger Award from San at In Her Words Avenue Her blog has provided me with ZENspirations and well appreciated love and support. Please make sure to check out her blog full of incredibly insightful and poignant writing, travel photos,  and much more.

The Versatile Blogger Award was started and is now maintained by bloggers who want to support each other. I’m all for that, so here are the rules of how you are expected to pass on the award:

  •  Thank the blogger who gave the award and link to their blog. (See above comment. Thank you San!!)
  •  Share seven things about yourself that people may not know.
  • Give this award to up to 15 bloggers (and link to them).
  • Comment on their blogs to tell them of the award.

In the spirit of giving back, Here it goes!

1. I spent quite some time in a tent on the many beautiful beaches of New Zealand.

2. I dance around my apartment. Daily. With much enthusiasm.

3. I didn’t own a pair of jeans until I was almost 21 and moved out of FL- Year long sun dress weather buh-bye!

4. I have an affinity for eating ciabatta bread. By the loaf. Uncontrollably.

5. I have spent most of my life personally exploring many of the worlds’ religions.

6. My first go at university landed me in an Art Institute studying Photography.

7. I believe in real-earth shattering-passionate-can live without you but want you along for the journey-intense-challenging-ever developing and evolving-love with the self, and another.

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