29 Life Lessons

nice-quotes-thoughts-past-is-the-best-teacher-life-quotes-best-quotesToday marks my 29th birthday. The better part of my 20’s have been witness to my spiritual growth, but this past year marks monumental growth, and this post sums up 29 of my favorite and rewarding day-to-day habits if you want to cultivate a happier, healthier, you.

1. Be Kind With Yourself

Cut out the negative self talk and doubt. When you find it sneaking up on you, recognize it, find the source, apologize for the thoughts, and surrender it.

2. Have A Morning Ritual

Make tea while meditating on your intentions for the day. Do a 20 minute meditation first thing in the morning. Read an inspirational passage from a spiritual text. Spend 10 minutes in child’s pose and 10 minutes deep breathing. Whatever grounds you in peace, start your day this way, and set a clear intention for the day. And do it habitually

3. Journal

If you don’t journal, start. Reflect on your day: Were you kind and sincere in your interactions? Where there things that triggered you throughout the day that you want to do better with? How was your day? Free writing about things that are following you around and sticking in your head is extremely healthy and therapeutic. Some of the most amazing memories of my life are documented in my journals and reflecting on them years later has shown me my spiritual and personal growth, and encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing.

4. Dance

Dancing is one of the most pure ways to reconnect with our child-hood self and tap into infinite sources of love, laughter, and happiness. Do it often. Too embarrassed to dance in public? Don’t worry, dancing has the same effect when shared with noone but yourself in the privacy of your own home or fitness studio

5. Practice Yoga

It has transformed my spiritual journey and the relationship I have with myself and my ability to love and connect with others. It has changed my life, and I believe can to transform others lives as well.

6. Have An Evening Ritual

Just how we start the day with intention and ritual, so should we end. In the evening you can do the similar ritual you do in the morning; yoga poses, meditation, journal reflection on your day. In addition, in the evening before bed time, visualize and set an intention for yourself for the next day. Work hard to visualize how that day looks to you: abundant with productivity or full of peace and love, etc. Doing this at night increases the likelihood your next day will flourish into what you’ve visualized.

7. Anything Negative You Think Or Say About Another Person Is A Reflection Of Thoughts Towards Yourself

Recognize them. Work on them. Learn and release once you’ve learned.

8. Do Something You love Everyday

Better yet, make it into a career and turn your passions into your life purpose.

9. Be A Good Friend

Most of us are lucky to have one or two people in our lives who will be there through the nitty gritty, as well as the birthdays and fun. Nourish those friendships, we are oh-so-lucky to have people like this in our lives.

10. Manage Your Finances

This year I set up a monthly spending, savings, and expenses budget and managed it diligently. It resulted in increased savings, more awareness of where my  money was going, conscious spending, and I lost the fear and anxiety I have always held on to about money and scarcity. It doesn’t have to be fancy; I keep three running tabs in an envelope in my desk, Food, Gas, Personal- I know my budget for each per month and stick with it. My monthly expenses are factored into another set up. DO what works for you, but what matters is taking responsibility for your finances.

11. Say I Love You More

To those you love, and most importantly, to yourself. And mean it.

12. Do Cardio At Least 3 Times A Week

I love working out; yoga, weightlifting, basketball, rock climbing, hiking anything. But with my variety of activities, I sometimes forget to make time for cardio. I’ve promised to schedule it into my fitness routine at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes. Cardio is the best activity for cardiovascular health, combating Cardiovascular disease, obesity, and much more. Not to mention the heightened production of endorphins will make you happier.

13. Travel

On whatever budget you have, find a way to explore new places locally and not so local.

14. Get OutSide

For me, going for a long way in the morning or evening helps me to connect with myself on a deeper level. They say nature helps us connect with our original selves, so get outside more.

15. Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

Before you drink tea or coffee or whatever, have a glass of fresh lemon water. It kick starts digestive enzymes.

16. Eat Healthier

Make a goal to cut processed sugars and foods, go big and drop gluten and dairy, tpp. I’ve spent most of the year cleaning up my diet and surprise surprise, the cleaner it gets, the better I feel.

17. Watch Less TV

18. Hand Write Letters To Friends/Loved Ones

In the days of emails, texts, and disconnected communication, sometimes the best way to communicate is through your own written words. The person who receives your letters will feel your presence and connection!

19. Volunteer

Anywhere that interests you. Once a week or once a month. Giving back is priceless.

20. Stop And Smell The Flowers

Stop throughout your busy day to practice presence and appreciate the life that is happening in this very second. And if flowers are near by, give em a smell.

21. Listen To Audio Books

No time to read? That’s no longer an excuse. Pick up an app on your phone or tablet from your local public library and check out audio books. For Free.

22.  Connect With Your Child Self

I’ve always remained a kid at heart: Reconnect with yours. No matter how much we’ve grown-up or the level of our professional careers, reconnect with the youthful, playful child within. Researchers have reported on the benefits of “playfulness” in romantic relationships for ages. Do it with your loved ones, or on your own. Just play.

23. Set Specific Goals And Hold Yourself Accountable

What to start your own business? Lay out the steps to get your there; set specific-deadline driven goals and hold yourself accountable to meeting those deadlines. This can help you carry out fitness habits, developing a blog, etc.

24. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do something that scares/exhilarates you.  And do it often. If you aren’t making mistakes/taking risks, you aren’t living. (Just try not to make ones that leave you layin on your face, though those are sure to happen at some point in your life, trust me)

25. Declutter Your Space

Clearing your space has a huge impact on your mental health. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Look around you; are your dishes overflowing? Stacks of old mail, books and magazines laying about?  Get rid of it. Clear out your space and increase the energy flow throughout your living space. If you haven’t used it in a year, throw it away or donate it.

26. Keep A Gratitude Journal

Researchers have discovered that people living a whole-hearted life experience joy by cultivating gratitude. I  keep a gratitude journal on my nightstand and write down 3 things a day which I’m grateful for.

27. Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine. Fill your life with it, do it often.

28. Love

Fall in love with yourself. Fall in love again with your partner. Life is too short to not be loving yourself and someone else, so give it all you got!

29. Life Is Short. Live It Up

The things you’ve always said you wanted to do, the places you’ve said you’ve always wanted to travel, do it. Life is too short to not do what you want.

My Spirituality Backpack: Take 2

I get so many questions about what I’m reading, who I’m listening to and what other spiritual goodies I’ve discovered. My spirituality backpack has developed into my bag of inspiration and guidance for my life.

My spirituality backpack contains resources offered up to me by those near and dear, or simply ones that speak to me at specific moments of my life.

I believe it of the up most importance to change the material we put into our heads and hearts. So often we are bombarded with TV Advertisements, billboards, and radio all advertising a product and potentially influencing and challenging us, most of the time without us realizing it. Just like the TV programs people watch, the audio books I listen to and books I read provide me with guidance and insight to deepen my spirituality and personal growth. Be it the life-long-learner in me, but I love to read, learn and grow and I love sharing my sources with others!


Caroline Myss The Power of Prayer:

Madly In Love With Me, Christine Arylo, That endless tape of critical self-talk played on repeat stands no chance against the loving tools, techniques, and tips offered forth in this book. From soaking in a love bath, to leaving yourself loving inspirational messages, this book gives practicing self love a whole new look. Super girly, but more than worth it.

The Divine Law Of Compensation; On Work, Money, And Miracles, Marianne Williamson

Seven Spiritual Laws of SuccessDeepak Chopra

A Course In Miracles

Wild; From Lost to Found On The Pacific Crest TrailCheryl Strayed,  At some point in our lives we are alone. Utterly, totally, alone and isolated. Sometimes we intentionally isolate ourselves by going somewhere or doing something, like hiking the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) solo. This book will at the least inspire you to do the things you’ve told yourself you can’t do for whatever reason; it isn’t safe, you can’t afford it, and so on. This book spoke to me in many ways about things I want to do, but have been told it simply isn’t safe to do alone, and as a woman. After the sudden loss of her mother to cancer, the unraveling of her marriage, and her personal struggles overtaking her life, the author journeys outward which becomes her journey inward.

The Gifts Of Imperfection, Brene Brown,

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, This fiction read takes you on the personal journey of a boy.

A Return To Love; Reflections On The Principles Of A Course In Miracles, Marianne Williamson

David and Goliath, Underdogs, Misfits, and The Art of Battling Giants, Malcolm Gladwell, A great research based story of the rise of the underdog. Great, inspirational read (audio listen).

This draft has been sitting forever, a constant work in progress. Instead, I’ve decided simply to publish, as is, now.

Want to be supremely Happy? 27 effective habits of insanely happy people

Want to be supremely Happy? 27 effective habits of insanely happy people


Humans are creatures of habit. This can be great for developing ourselves, but it can also led to us routinely doing things without thinking, without being mindful.

Insanely happy people, and insanely present people practice and devote their daily lives to establishing healthy habits.

Do you find yourself relating to each and every one of the habits listed in the article? Are there some which you practice more than others? Think about what we could all accomplish if we devoted our days to these kinds of thoughts, habits and interactions.

A big one is they make a point to listen. Ah. yes, when you are interacting with people on the day to day, do you give them your full attention or are you thinking in your head of the response you want to give? People can FEEL your presence, and are endlessly grateful for the platform in which they have been given.

They devote their time to giving. Are you giving back in anyway? Much of my limited ‘free time’ is spend giving back; this blog, volunteering, teaching, etc. It FUELS me. It is my purpose, to serve, in whatever capacity I can. And it is one reason why I am endlessly THANKFUL for this blog, and for everyone who tunes in. It makes me happy.

Right now, one of the most important things I believe in and do is They TRY to be happy. Yes, I TRY to be happy. All the time. I TRY to see the good in everything. I TRY even when I don’t necessarily FEEL it, why? Because it is the HABIT of happiness which needs to be instilled, and I believe it is in the moments when happiness may seem far away or way out of reach, that it is imperative we keep reaching, because it will come. It is here. It is now, our ego’s just hide it from us from time to time. For me, I will FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT.



P.S. No editing was done in the creation of this blog. Free.

Find your purpose by following your passion(s)

Find your purpose by following your passion(s)

Wondering what the HELL you are going to do with your life? Or are you doing something (career, school, relationships, etc) which you just don’t feel is working for you? Are you finding that you drag yourself out of bed every morning instead of LEAPING up excited at another day of meaningful life adventure?

No matter what we choose to do with our lives, there will be times when shit sucks. But we can choose to view it as a small pothole on the VERY windy, adventurous road of life.

In case you are experiencing doubt about your current life and are toying with other options but can’t quite put your finger on anything concrete, I MAY have something to help you, just a bit.

Check out the link, and the infographics below!

Rock out!

Step One—> Honing yo purpose AKA Passions!


Step TWO- Map your passions out! Make it happen with this visual aid to GUIDE you to your passionate lifestyle AKA job/career/LIFE of your dreams


Are you living in your bliss?

Gratitude is the attitude, baby


Gratitude is the attitude of the  day. – Gabrielle Bernstein

What are you grateful for? How often are we checking in with our blessings and expressing gratitude? From my experiences, the more we tap into a state of pure gratitude the more we unlock our capacity to love.

Thanks to my girl Gabrielle and her miraculous book, the 4th day of every week is dedicated to gratitude.
Normally, I am conscious daily and take inventory of all the blessings in my life which I am grateful for, but with Gabby’s assistance I am approaching gratitude on a whole. New. Level. And I want to share this with you.because yes, you all out here in this blogsphere, I am grateful for you!

The fourth day of your week (our any specific day, the tip here is pick a day and stay consistent with it in order to receive the full benefit of practicing gratitude), embrace it as a day of gratitude.

Use the affirmation, gratitude is the attitude of the day. Write it in your journal and carry it with you throughout the day (literally or mentally. Or set a reminder on your phone to alert you at certain times of the day, helping you bring awareness back to the affirmation).

At the end of your day recount events that may have triggered fear in you. Thoughts at work of you not being Good enough, negative thoughts you realized you were having towards yourself in your appearance, etc.

Now approach these negative or self limiting beliefs with gratitude, acknowledging each of them with gratitude for the new ways they are showing you to face and embrace your fears.

When we choose to look at our fears as opportunities to give gratitude and allow ourselves to choose love and gratitude over fear, we are no longer closing ourselves off to love and we are allowing ourselves to embrace and grow from our fears.

In addition to this practice of gratitude, I keep a gratitude journal next to my bed. Everyday I pause to truly tell the universe what I am grateful for. This practice instills in me a perspective of looking at all the beauty in my life and keeps me aligned with positivity.

I try to write down a variety of things or experiences I am grateful for. Somedays I simply take inventory of every day basics like “today I am grateful for my heart, for it beats life throughout my body and propels me through this life.”

It is these subtle shifts of perspective that we are all incorporating into our daily lives that will build and result in life transformations.




Living your hero’s truth

Hey, ever wonder what you are really DOING in your life? What is your divine purpose? What are you meant to be doing in your life and are you living your life authentically?

How do you spend your days? Are you happy with your life and are you following your bliss?
Are you experiencing life and learning about yourself and then applying the lessons to the new journeys you embark on throughout your life?
Are you following your own divine calling of being a hero?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

I ask myself these questions all. the. time. And the answer is always yes, and if I deviate from ‘yes,’ I realign myself. When we authentically follow our bliss, we align ourselves with the UNI-verse and great things happen.

Don’t believe me, take a peek at this video about finding Joe, the Hero. If it doesn’t change the way you view your own life, or if it doesn’t solidify the decisions you already make or the path you have already embarked on, then watch it again. 🙂

Are you HAPPY? Test yourself…

Are you HAPPY? Test yourself...

Simply put, Are you happy?

Today I am ALL about creating a day FULL of happy VIBRATIONS (I am applying this word today, from a dear friend of mine, because I LOVE it)

I have found myself struggling lately..My INTENSE vibration of love and happiness went hiding for a few days, and I was FRANTIC (not really, but maybe a bit) in trying to get back to my place of overflowing love and happiness.

The more I resisted the fact that my love vibrations had dropped a few levels, the more the feeling of lack stuck around.

As soon as I stopped focusing on the fact that my love vibrations had dropped, AND as soon as I started ACTIVELY cultivating happiness inside me (positive affirmations, going for a walk, looking only at the POSITIVE and most importantly filling myself with GRATITUDE)

Boom. My love cup runneth over.

Love. Be Happy.



Bless you, wondrous body of mine. By being more aware of what a PERFECT creation you are, I will avoid mistreating you.

I like to start my day off with AWEsomeness.

That means I do positive affirmations that resonate with me and help focus my thoughts on empowering aspects of my life. I use the inspiration and happiness I gain to propel me forward. DAILY.

I don’t want to break this down and explain what it means to me, or what it could mean to others. I think it speaks for itself.


Humbling. Inspiring. Respectful.



CHOOSE your thoughts wisely. BE the change.

CHOOSE your thoughts wisely. BE the change.

True story.

I used to let my thoughts control me.
If I thought I was mad, I became mad (and in some cases, madder- feeding negative energy into the thought) and I found myself holding on to those thoughts, prolonging my negativity.

Just as much as you can use your thoughts against you (beating yourself up for thinking or feeling a certain way), you can use your thoughts to empower you, by realizing you are CHOOSING the way you think. The beauty in this is that once you realize you are in control of how you feel, you become your most powerful tool. You need nothing to achieve this, it is already inside of you. Listen closely. Do you hear it? At the very core of who we all are, we are happy, loving creatures.

I know, I know, you’re wondering, “What happens when I am having a bad day and I can’t control what is going on because my boss is riding my case?!”  WELL, you CAN decide for yourself if you want to allow an outside force to affect YOU.
How do you do this? Simply by CHOOSING not to allow it to affect you, by taking a step back from the thought you feel is overwhelming you and do something you know will improve your mood, like going for a 5 minute walk outside and clearing your head or simply sitting at your desk and smiling (even if you have to force it) until it helps you release the tension and the unhappy thoughts simply drop from your center of focus.

Sounds crazy, right? Like, wait. Am I suggesting that being happy is as easy as CHOOSING to be happy? Um, yes, yes I am. It really is that simple. Think for a second on how you are feeling right this minute…Are you anything other than HAPPY? Okay, why? “Because your boss is an asshole.” Send the thoughts light and love, then drop it.

I found that when I started asking myself these questions, in situations that arose on a daily basis, I became aware that I could instantly DECIDE to be happy, and I started to transform my life. I became happy. Doors starting opening. Positive things started coming into my life in ABUNDANCE. By changing the way I thought, I learned I had the power to change the direction and meaning of my life!

Everyone is capable of happiness, if we merely allow ourselves to manifest and cultivate the happiness inside of us all. It’s there, go get it!


“The mind is everything, What you think about you become.” – Buddha