My Spirituality Backpack: Take 2

I get so many questions about what I’m reading, who I’m listening to and what other spiritual goodies I’ve discovered. My spirituality backpack has developed into my bag of inspiration and guidance for my life.

My spirituality backpack contains resources offered up to me by those near and dear, or simply ones that speak to me at specific moments of my life.

I believe it of the up most importance to change the material we put into our heads and hearts. So often we are bombarded with TV Advertisements, billboards, and radio all advertising a product and potentially influencing and challenging us, most of the time without us realizing it. Just like the TV programs people watch, the audio books I listen to and books I read provide me with guidance and insight to deepen my spirituality and personal growth. Be it the life-long-learner in me, but I love to read, learn and grow and I love sharing my sources with others!


Caroline Myss The Power of Prayer:

Madly In Love With Me, Christine Arylo, That endless tape of critical self-talk played on repeat stands no chance against the loving tools, techniques, and tips offered forth in this book. From soaking in a love bath, to leaving yourself loving inspirational messages, this book gives practicing self love a whole new look. Super girly, but more than worth it.

The Divine Law Of Compensation; On Work, Money, And Miracles, Marianne Williamson

Seven Spiritual Laws of SuccessDeepak Chopra

A Course In Miracles

Wild; From Lost to Found On The Pacific Crest TrailCheryl Strayed,  At some point in our lives we are alone. Utterly, totally, alone and isolated. Sometimes we intentionally isolate ourselves by going somewhere or doing something, like hiking the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) solo. This book will at the least inspire you to do the things you’ve told yourself you can’t do for whatever reason; it isn’t safe, you can’t afford it, and so on. This book spoke to me in many ways about things I want to do, but have been told it simply isn’t safe to do alone, and as a woman. After the sudden loss of her mother to cancer, the unraveling of her marriage, and her personal struggles overtaking her life, the author journeys outward which becomes her journey inward.

The Gifts Of Imperfection, Brene Brown,

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, This fiction read takes you on the personal journey of a boy.

A Return To Love; Reflections On The Principles Of A Course In Miracles, Marianne Williamson

David and Goliath, Underdogs, Misfits, and The Art of Battling Giants, Malcolm Gladwell, A great research based story of the rise of the underdog. Great, inspirational read (audio listen).

This draft has been sitting forever, a constant work in progress. Instead, I’ve decided simply to publish, as is, now.

How To Be A Part Of The Love Club

Be a part of the love club

Lyrics by the young songstress Lorde remind me to be a part of the love club.

When we center our lives from a place within our hearts, we live our lives from love. Sometimes straying, but always returning.

Many of us get consumed by fear. When we let fear lead us in life it leads us off our divine path.

In this clip, Gabrielle Bernstein gives her approach to recognizing when we are driven by fear over love, and how to reverse it!

Katy Perry – Love Me: What Happens When Pop Cultures Promotes Self Love

Katy Perry is pretty much blowing me away with her new album. We can judge a book by its sugar-coated, pop-star cover, or we can take a longer look.

Prism, an album about self love, personal strength and development, and femme fatale independence, is a must listen for all.

Plus, it’ll make you wanna dance, and that’s always a win!

We Learn To Reap What We Sow


This is a lovely post I saw on a great friend’s site this morning, you can check out all her Kundalini Spiritual Healing work and posts here.

After a while, we learn subtle differences. subtle shifts. After all, we are always learning.

Miraculous Meditation

I want to share this inspirational meditation with you today. It is centered around the relationship one has with oneself. Our relationships with others and our ability to fully love others, is directly related to our relationship and ability to love ourselves. This is a zinger.

May you use this to start your day, ground yourself in the middle of your day, or to end your day (depending on where you are in the world 🙂 )

Get comfy. Relax. Breath in and out through your nose, bringing your awareness to the natural flow of your breath. Let these words ruminate over your body. Then sit in silence with it, letting it settle. If you find yourself becoming distracted by thoughts, or noises around you simply bring your attention back to your breath and allow your thoughts to simply pass over you.

Because one believes in oneself, one does not try to convince others.

Because one is content with oneself, one does not need others approval.

Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.

We expand and experience a sense of freedom in the moments that we open our hearts to ourselves.

Each time we give ourselves permission to accept who we are, in this very moment, with love and appreciation, the world around us, begins to transform.

Through the stillness of meditation, w begin to clear a path that allows us to connect to our essential truth.

In these quiet moments of clarity, we have the opportunity to choose how we relate to ourselves.

Do we choose to love, accept, and celebrate ourselves?

Self acceptance begins when we expand beyond our thoughts, and embrace ourselves knowing, that the glorys of creation are in our very cells.

That we are made of the same essence as the angels, the stars, and God himself.

From this place, we become one with our miraculous nature and celebrate the wonder of living life as our authentic selves.

As you prepare for your meditation, invite the daily practice of gentle acceptance of yourself.

Drink in these words:

Today, I choose to accept myself. I am grateful for this moment.

Take this affirmation with you today. By consciously accepting yourself and adding gratitude to your day, you will start to witness a shift in your perceptions of yourself, and thus the world around you. Aligning you with your authentic self, and transforming the relationships you have in your life.

May you all have a blessed day. Please check out Deepak Chopra’s Meditation’s for more.


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5 steps to get you listening to your inner voice

Listen to that inner voice! It will direct you on your divine path in life.

What is your inner voice saying to you day today? right now? Can you clear away all the distractions and make any of YOUR real thoughts out?

It is only when we truly listen to the divine voice from within (soul, intuition, whatever you call it) do we align ourselves with the UNI-verse and propel ourselves forward in our lives.

When we start acknowledging and listening to what we KNOW and feel is our purpose in life, our EXTERIOR begins to reflect that, authentically. Doors start opening, opportunities you have DECLARED, begin to come your way.

How do you navigate finding out what is TRULY inside you when there is so much LOUDNESS in our lives, and sometimes in our heads?

I received some INCREDIBLE advice on how to STOP your chitter chatter when it becomes absolutely overwhelming in your head.

1-Imagine you are standing in front of your self.

You are watching yourself flutter, and flip, and ramble through your thoughts. “My ex did this, I feel this, I want that, I …on and on.”

Until you can’t see straight anymore.

2-Now, imagine you are standing in front of yourself (yes, like, there are two of you and you are staring at your awesome self)

3-Look at yourself and say
Hush.Stop thinking.


4-Take several DEEP breaths, inhaling for 7 seconds, and then exhaling for 8.

5-Bring your awareness back to your body, focus on the breath that is moving life to every corner of your body, visualize this breath washing away the pile of thoughts you carry around on every exhalation.

Now, take a listen to what is left in your head. There shouldn’t be much. Maybe you have been struggling to make a decision about a career shift, or maybe you have been talking yourself in and out of joining a gym. Whatever it is, if you allow yourself to TRULY tap into the DIVINE voice within, you UNLOCK the answers to ALL. Yes, WE all possess this power.

Practice this often in order to REALLY develop this skill. This is work, but you can never BE THE BOSS in your life without DOING THE WORK!

Use these tools in confronting yourself. Use these tools when you find yourself UNABLE to LISTEN to what is really going on INSIDE of you.

Check this out for all things awesome

To love being alone

This is SO awesome.

Last Friday a guy tried making plans with me. I was pleasantly touched by his offer, but told him I already had plans to go to the movies and grab a drink. With myself.

I’m a social butterfly in most situations, but I have been working on the most important relationship I have in my life, which is the one with myself.

Think about it, who are you going to be with FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Maybe your partner/lover/spouse,

but in the end.


The relationship you have with yourself is THE best relationship you can have in your life. When you yourself are a BOSS, your other personal relationships reflect that.

I AM having a PASSIONATE love affair with myself and THIS life.

Even Oscar Wilde has something to say about this,
“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”

Are you HAPPY? Test yourself…

Are you HAPPY? Test yourself...

Simply put, Are you happy?

Today I am ALL about creating a day FULL of happy VIBRATIONS (I am applying this word today, from a dear friend of mine, because I LOVE it)

I have found myself struggling lately..My INTENSE vibration of love and happiness went hiding for a few days, and I was FRANTIC (not really, but maybe a bit) in trying to get back to my place of overflowing love and happiness.

The more I resisted the fact that my love vibrations had dropped a few levels, the more the feeling of lack stuck around.

As soon as I stopped focusing on the fact that my love vibrations had dropped, AND as soon as I started ACTIVELY cultivating happiness inside me (positive affirmations, going for a walk, looking only at the POSITIVE and most importantly filling myself with GRATITUDE)

Boom. My love cup runneth over.

Love. Be Happy.



Bless you, wondrous body of mine. By being more aware of what a PERFECT creation you are, I will avoid mistreating you.

I like to start my day off with AWEsomeness.

That means I do positive affirmations that resonate with me and help focus my thoughts on empowering aspects of my life. I use the inspiration and happiness I gain to propel me forward. DAILY.

I don’t want to break this down and explain what it means to me, or what it could mean to others. I think it speaks for itself.


Humbling. Inspiring. Respectful.





Everything around you has changed.
Life as you know it, no longer exists-

nothing looks the same-

nothing feels the same.

You’ve become unrecognizable, even to yourself-

But the clues to who you were,

who you are, are all along, to guide you.

Isolation creates inspiration.

You start to peel back the layers,
you see every part of yourself,

You fight yourself, in order to find yourself.

You are the challenge.

Using your heart and mind as your compass, you remember who you were, and who you were BORN to be

you are the QUEEN

There is a reason why QUEEN B, has also been a Queen. Do you. Be you.

CHOOSE your thoughts wisely. BE the change.

CHOOSE your thoughts wisely. BE the change.

True story.

I used to let my thoughts control me.
If I thought I was mad, I became mad (and in some cases, madder- feeding negative energy into the thought) and I found myself holding on to those thoughts, prolonging my negativity.

Just as much as you can use your thoughts against you (beating yourself up for thinking or feeling a certain way), you can use your thoughts to empower you, by realizing you are CHOOSING the way you think. The beauty in this is that once you realize you are in control of how you feel, you become your most powerful tool. You need nothing to achieve this, it is already inside of you. Listen closely. Do you hear it? At the very core of who we all are, we are happy, loving creatures.

I know, I know, you’re wondering, “What happens when I am having a bad day and I can’t control what is going on because my boss is riding my case?!”  WELL, you CAN decide for yourself if you want to allow an outside force to affect YOU.
How do you do this? Simply by CHOOSING not to allow it to affect you, by taking a step back from the thought you feel is overwhelming you and do something you know will improve your mood, like going for a 5 minute walk outside and clearing your head or simply sitting at your desk and smiling (even if you have to force it) until it helps you release the tension and the unhappy thoughts simply drop from your center of focus.

Sounds crazy, right? Like, wait. Am I suggesting that being happy is as easy as CHOOSING to be happy? Um, yes, yes I am. It really is that simple. Think for a second on how you are feeling right this minute…Are you anything other than HAPPY? Okay, why? “Because your boss is an asshole.” Send the thoughts light and love, then drop it.

I found that when I started asking myself these questions, in situations that arose on a daily basis, I became aware that I could instantly DECIDE to be happy, and I started to transform my life. I became happy. Doors starting opening. Positive things started coming into my life in ABUNDANCE. By changing the way I thought, I learned I had the power to change the direction and meaning of my life!

Everyone is capable of happiness, if we merely allow ourselves to manifest and cultivate the happiness inside of us all. It’s there, go get it!


“The mind is everything, What you think about you become.” – Buddha