Life Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone


When is the last time you felt completely out of your comfort zone? When is the last time you broke free of your daily routine? When is the last time you ventured far from everything you know and immersed yourself in something other than what you know? Live today, and everyday, that way. All we have is this moment.

Samadhi – The gift of presence


We are all blessed ones. Heaven is no longer in the clouds. It is right here, all around us, everywhere; we must only open our eyes to see it.” – on Samadhi, the non-dualistic state of consciousness in yoga where ones mind becomes still

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

…unless you blog about it XO


I have been journeying towards a deeper connection with myself, my truth, my path. On this inward journey I have ventured deeper into my meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices.

A very dear friend of mine was coming up to his 30th birthday, which he intended to celebrate with solo travel. What a great idea. I have been blessed with the gift of travel from a very young age, and it cumulated in a trip several years ago which spanned over a year and took me across the globe. I traveled aimlessly, following the truth in my soul, trusting and allowing it to take me wherever I FELT I was meant to be. I went to London, Singapore, New Zealand, and a little tiny island in the middle of the South Pacific called Rarotonga. This exploration of the world was an exploration of my soul. I connected DIVINELY with nature, as most of this trip was spent in a tent plopped down on various sandy beaches in remote, isolated towns and villages.

This journey transformed, and continues to transform my soul.

My ‘friend’ and I don’t speak much, you see, we have this intense, DIVINE connection, which I FEEL in my soul. It’s quite intense. Sometimes unmanageable. We hadn’t spoken much in the weeks leading up to his trip, so when he reached out to me 2 days before his trip to congradulate me on my Versatile Blogger Award (THANK YOU GUYS!) we sparked up a conversation about the happenings of our lives, and how our souls were growing. Early the next morning he texted me asking if I would join him, in 24 hours, on a flight to Las Vegas.

I had never been to Las Vegas. I always told myself, because of how I saw the city, as a place I had no interest in going. I had limiting beliefs- Vegas has nothing spiritual to offer me, Vegas is too hectic, etc., What I experienced in Vegas was something BEYOND this world. It was DIVINE. It was my soul, free flowing alongside my divinely attuned best friend.

I experienced the sights and sensations of the materialistic, built up city while completely removed from it, feeling no need to consume or partake, gamble or shop. I felt completely COMPLETE just BE-ING there. I DID consume and partake in a CELEBRATION of life. The celebration of my dear friend’s 30th year of life. We went with no agenda and regularly asked one another “What does your heart want to do?” in how we chose what to do throughout our day. By asking and applying this to our days, we followed our heart, our soul’s flow, and it (WE) led ourselves to experience Vegas in a way I THOUGHT wasn’t possible. (Isn’t it crazy what we find is out there when we stop THINKING?)

I experienced a PURE, DIVINE, LOVING, ZEN Vegas.

ZEN?!? Yes, Zen.

My friend and I lived IN THE MOMENT. We allowed ourselves to release our past and appreciate, love, and just BE, with ourselves, and with one another, and all those around us, in this MAGICAL place.

I learned that the LIMITING BELIEFS I had about Las Vegas had kept me from the city for my whole life, and that was divine, because there was not a better person to experience it with. Myself, being so DIVINELY aligned, and my friend, who is on an incredible personal journey himself.

A lesson on Manifesting

I had known about this Vegas trip, or the idea/possiblility of the trip for months. As our relationship took us away from one another, the future, the day to day with my friend, became unforeseeable. What I FELT in my soul, and envisioned all along, was that I would go to Vegas. I knew and FELT nothing about the trip except that I would be there, because I was meant to be there, with him. I may have spoke about it to a few people in the past few months, but nothing really definitive. I never even spoke to my friend about it, and he never really talked much to me about it. But based on our connection, and me coming into my full authenticness, I have BECOME. I ENVISIONED, with the FULL LOVING KINDNESS of my soul, that I would be there with him.(not evening looking or attaching to the outcome- I didn’t even envision that)

And 24 hours before his flight, he wished me to join him.

And I went.

And what happened, was MIRACULOUS. It was DIVINE. It was MEANT TO BE.

I listened to my soul, deeply and had an INCREDIBLE journey. I encourage all of you to take the time to listen to your soul. I have told you how I listen to my soul- I follow my bliss through many ways including weightlifting, yoga, meditation, blogging, LIVING MY AUTHENTIC truth, DAILY, as much as possible. And look what is starting to happen. . I am aligning. . Doors are opening. . I am flowing.

Find your flow. TAP into your soul. Give this to yourself. It is what and who you were meant to be and we all deserve to live a life of our own authenticness.

There are many more things aligning in my life, and I am SO excited about sharing them with you all. Thank you for this, I am SO grateful.