How to be a thug in the kitchen. Shiiiit these cookies are good. Rosemary Pistachio cookies

What did I do this weekend? I baked and cooked some of the best food of my life.

No joke.

Before giving away the bomb ass crab cake details, (post to come later) let me help you get your sweet tooth on. These little puppies are KILLER. I did some swaps from the original recipe in order to make them healthy/healthier/’guilt’ free So I could eat them.


I have had to hide these…from myself…in my own home. It’s a really hard game..

Rosemary Pistachio Cookies—-> Modified from Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Chef version


Beat one cup unsalted, ROOM TEMP butter, 1 1/2 cup COCONUT sugar (my sub instead of Light brown sugar), till smooth…

Add 2 eggs

Mix in a total of 2 1/3 cup flour (self rising)- I used about 2 cups Almond meal and 1/3 cup Oat Bran**(key, I believe)

Mix in 1 T baking powder, 1/2 (or more, to taste) unsalted- shelled pistachios, 1 cup (or more, to taste) White Chocolate chips (super ‘cheat’ for me, but trust me, don’t swap this out, for anything), and about 1 HEAPING (maybe even 1 1/2) Fresh chopped rosemary.

Mix until it is all blended supa dupa smooth, think LL Cool J lip licking smooth.

use a fork to place approx. 1 inch sized cookies 2 inches apart on a wax-paper covered cookie sheet. These puppies expand, so, you don’t want them sticking together AND they should be smaller cookies, little bites of fucking badassness to be had.

Bake em until golden brown around the edges – Oven @ 375 degrees F.-MIDDLE RACK/mid oven people, don’t burn these little puppies.

**keys here**

Use room temp butter. Don’t try and warm that shit up in the microwave before, let it sit out for as long as it takes to soften up and mix in well with the sugar. Otherwise you will sweat mixing that butter and sugar delish concoction. Also KEY* When you are mixing the sugar and better, and beating the hell out of it until you are sweating or your kitchen-aid mixer is screaming, make sure the concoction starts to lighten, as the sugar is dissolving INTO the butter, keep mixing and beating until this process starts to happen, otherwise when you bake these cookies, they will turn to crap

Trust me.  Also,

I think the rosemary is key, so, don’t go HAM with it, but make sure to put a good dose in- Tim’s recipe only called for 1 T but I decided I wanted more. It was worth it.

Lastly, watch them cook. They take no time and you DO NOT want to over cook them. I started watching closely around 10 minutes in.

Take them out. Eat the SHIT OUT OF THEM until you have had so many DIVINE rosemary pistachio cookies that you need to lay down and take a nap….But really…

I bought FRESH rosemary (**another key thing, I believe, fresh ingredients really do make all the difference, so splurge if you can). ..Had some left over so I boiled some hot water, poured it into my French press and tossed rosemary leaves in there. Let it seep for 10 minutes, and BOOM Antioxidant RICH Rosemary Tea.

Go Get your cookie on. Please. You won’t be sorry. This made about 45 ish cookies. So you have plenty to feed to your friends, who will in turn love you even more for the badassness that you possess. Own that shit.

xo S

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